Who we are

Multimédia Novalux is an artistic production company originated from Montreal, Canada, home of many famous entertainment companies. Founded more then twenty years ago by his artistic Director Erick Villeneuve, his primary focus is to create mega shows mixing together music, dance, acrobatic, visual effects, and high technologies, that generate a spectacular experience.

Multimédia Novalux has developed high level productions in the four corners of the world from China to Lebanon, Italy to Belgium, Spain to Germany.

Over the years, Multimédia Novalux has contributed to change the way creators use scenic space to present shows, gala evenings, cultural, sports, and corporate events.  We  have developed innovative techniques for projecting fixed images, video, film and graphic designs on multi-format screens, and integrating projections with live performances.

Multimédia Novalux is specialised in visual creations that liberate emotions at the heart of artistic performances.


What we do

Creating and producing multimedia theatrical shows

Artistic direction for international large scale events and shows

Conception of visual content for shows and events.